ZP&W’s Lori Desnick’s Curbside Consult – “Know what’s expected before signing on-call agreement.”

Lori Desnick’s ‘Curbside Consult’ on emergency room on-call agreements was published in the March 28, 2006, issue of the Florida Medical Business. In the article, Ms. Desnick discusses some of the main provisions contained in an emergency room oncall agreement that physicians need to be aware of before signing. Such provisions include the following topics: simultaneous call and substitute physician; inpatient consults; malpractice insurance; termination without cause; and termination for cause. In the Curbside Consult, Ms. Desnick also cautioned physicians to carefully read and understand all terms of the agreement prior to signing.

“International Firms”

The Law Crossing website today published an article on the Zumpano, Patricios & Winker, P.A. and its international growth. The article states that ZP&W that .the firm has adopted an ‘innovative new globalism’ model, which has led the firm to forge relationships with foreign.practices.” The article went on to state that “this model allows for increased global commerce.” ZP&W’s main offices are in Miami and it has domestic representative offices in Key West and New Hartford, New York. ZP&W also maintains representative offices in Freeport and Nassau, The Bahamas, Mexico City, Mexico, Milan and Pesaro, Italy, Madrid, Spain, Panama City, Panama, San Jose, Costa and Santiago, Dominican Republic.