Castro victims awarded $91 million

The Miami Herald today cited the historic turnover of approximately $24 million in Cuban assets to Janet Ray Weininger, the daughter of CIA pilot Thomas “Pete” Ray. Mr. Ray was shot down during the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion and later executed by the Cuban government without a trial. Ms. Weininger was represented by ZP&W and won a verdict against Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro, his brother Raul, the Cuban Army and the Republic of Cuba approximately 2 years ago under federal antiterrorism law.

ZP&W named a “Top Law Firm” by South Florida Legal Guide; ZP&W lawyers also honored

The 2007 South Florida Legal Guide named Zumpano Patricio & Winker, P.A. a “Top Law Firm” in South Florida. Additionally, Joseph Zumpano, Leon Patricios, David Winker, and Grace Escalona were named as “Top Lawyers” in their fields of practice. Maritza Alvarez, Carmen Hellman and Heather Stoessel were named “Top Up and Comers” in the same publication. Lori Desnick’s piece “Health Care Providers: Employing Excluded Parties Could Backfire” was also featured in the publication. This is the fourth consecutive year that ZP&W attorneys have been listed as “Top Lawyers” and the third consecutive year that ZP&W has been listed as a “Top Law Firm” in the South Florida Legal Guide.

ZP&W Places ‘Attorney Coordinators’ in Chile

The South Florida Business Journal published an article on ZP&W’s continued implementation of “new globalism” and the opening of its representative office in Santiago, Chile. The article described the new globalism approach as “the practice of ensuring that the firm assists with the ‘flow of commerce’ between countries instead of encroaching on a foreign country’s law practice.” The article discussed Chile’s “steady, well run economy”, citing a study by the trade publication Latin Finance which found that “Chile had the least economic, political and social corruption of Latin America’s eight largest countries.” The article also cited the positive reception of Mr. Zumpano’s speech on “new globalism” at the recent American Law Media conference in New York City.