Leon Patricios discusses forum selection in international business disputes

Leon Patricios was quoted in The Daily Business Journal today in an article on the enforcement of forum selection clauses. The article cited a recent decision by a Federal Judge in Miami upholding such a clause. The case involved an international dispute with competing lawsuits in Costa Rica and Florida. The Judge ruled that a clause requiring the parties to litigate in Florida was enforceable. Mr. Patricios was quoted as stating the “forum selection clauses are important in contracts with Caribbean and Latin American companies so that companies can select court systems they have confidence in, are conveniently located and have familiar procedures.”

David Winker discusses Medicare Rule changes with AMA News

David Winker was cited in an article in the American Medical Association News on recent changes to reimbursement rules regarding consultations. The article focused on recent guidance from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and described how physicians were adjusting to the new Medicare payment rules governing billing for consultations referrals from other physicians. Mr. Winker was quoted as warning physicians “to be conservative when billing for these types of consultations.” Mr. Winker further outlined certain aspects of the new guidance and its impact on physicians.

David Winker and Tania Carreno-Mederos on ” The Globalization of Medicine”

The Daily Business Review today ran an article written by David Winker Carreno-Mederos on the globalization of medical services. The article focused on recent guidance from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services clarifying that reimbursement would not be available for services provided outside of the United States. The article focused on reactions to this clarification in the provider community and outlined the various arguments for and against globalization in the health care industry.

Leon Patricios Weighs in on Business Court

The Daily Business Journal today contained an article on a new forum for litigation. The article focused on the success of the business court and concerns that it could become swamped by a growing caseload. The article quoted Leon Patricios on a number of procedural issues. Mr. Patricios stated that the “business court’s substantial paperwork and fees keep frivolous cases from being filed”.