CABA Briefs

Carlos Corral authored an article featured in the front cover of the final Fall 2013 edition of CABA Briefs. In the article titled Affirmative Action Cases: A Policy of the Past?, Mr. Corral examines the prevailing cases on affirmative action and examines whether such policies are slowly becoming a policy of the past as they “have not been necessary to achieve a diverse student body in institutions of higher learning.”

Focus Latin America A Supplement to The American Lawyer, Corporate Counsel and Daily Business Review

Joseph I. Zumpano was asked to opine on recent reforms emerging throughout Latin America for an article titled License to Drill: From Mexico to Brazil, firms eagerly await energy reforms that will spawn big deals, big returns for clients in Latin America published in the December 2013 of Focus Latin  America: A Supplement to The American Lawyer, Corporate Counsel and Daily Business Review. Mr. Zumpano opined on how to counsel individual investors seeking investment opportunities in the United States due to political or economic unrest in their home countries as well as on how to counsel U.S. investors seeking investment opportunities in Latin America.